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Jennifer Aniston: “It sucked my life out”

Jennifer Aniston (51) became world famous with her role as Rachel Green in “Friends”. When the show ended in 2004, Aniston moved from the small TV screen to the big screen and her reputation as a Hollywood mega-star was assured – to this day. Now she was on the podcast “Shameless” of her fellow actors and friends Jason Bateman (51), Sean Hayes (50) and Will Arnett (50) and spoke openly about a possible career end.

In the video above you can see how Jennifer has changed over the years of her career.

Is Jennifer Aniston Thinking About Hollywood Retirement?

Actually, things couldn’t be better for Jennifer Aniston at the moment from a professional perspective. For her role as Alex Levy in the series “The Morning Show” she received the SAG Award earlier this year and was also nominated for an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Still, it has occurred to her lately to throw it all away.

So she was asked on the podcast: “At what point were you close to quitting acting and doing business?” After a moment’s hesitation, Jen openly admitted, “I have to say it has crossed my mind for the past two years. Which has never been the case before.” Her colleagues were extremely surprised by this statement.

Earlier this year there was the long-awaited reunion that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston fans have been waiting for so long. We show you the recordings in the video below.

Jennifer Aniston talks about her withdrawal thoughts

But when exactly did Jennifer think about quitting acting? “It was before I started working on ‘The Morning Show’. It was right after filming a previous project and that sucked my life out. I didn’t know if that’s what interested me. And then I had this fantasy … ”

Jason Bateman did not want to be satisfied with this answer and continued to ask. “Was it because of a creative impasse? Was it the people you worked with or the work itself? Or were you just fed up?” Then Jennifer stated: “It was just a completely unprepared project. And the script wasn’t finished. Just the kind of thing where you say ‘never again” afterwards. Https:// articles /. “Jennifer didn’t want to reveal exactly which project it was about.

But the solution for Aniston is not necessarily to give up acting. Much more, she wants to work as a director and producer herself. “I would love to jump in that chair more. I’m enjoying it completely.” Luckily she changed her mind with the idea of ​​retreat, after all she hit the bull’s eye with “The Morning Show”.

Hollywood’s most coveted love nest: In the video below you can see where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston lived as a married couple.

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