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(Film) Star Wars: Tom Cruise or the Russians: Who will shoot in space first?

Los Angeles / Moscow –

One has been a star in the cinema cosmos for 30 years, the other is making a meteoric rise, was selected from 3000 applicants. One is American, the other is Russian. However, they both want to go high: Tom Cruise and Yulia Peresild want to shoot on the ISS space station. And the Russians press hard on the tube. Now it’s getting tight for Space Commander Cruise …

The Russian space agency Rokosmos has just announced that 36-year-old Yulia Peresild will take off into space in a Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur spaceport in Kazakhstan together with director Klim Schipenko. The mother of two got the weightless dream role not only thanks to her acting talent, but also because she performed excellently in medical tests.

It won’t be a crazy space thriller

The film by 37-year-old director Schipenko (“Salyut-7 – Deadly Race in Space”) is to be shot in parts in the cosmos and, according to Roskosmos, is part of a “scientific and educational project” in which documentaries about the rocket and space industry, for example develop.


The Russian actress Julia Peresild is also flying into space for a film project.



So it won’t be a crazy space thriller, but rather an informative flick with theatrical elements. The project has the working title “Wysow”, which translates as “challenge”. For the ambitious Cruise, it should be a mega-challenge to be the first filmmaker in the endless expanses of space.

Russian film crew will be shooting in space in October

But right now it looks more like a Mission Impossible. The Russian crew has just announced the start date: The cinematic reach for the stars will start on October 5th. The tough astronaut training before departure would certainly not take Tom’s breath away – the fitness-obsessed 55-year-old climbs, flutters, jumps and flies from one action flick to the other, always without a stuntman. “When I work, I work very, very hard,” he once said.

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He is also planning to shoot in orbit in October – but it will be very close in front of the Russian crew. Commander Cruise is currently working flat out on her spacey film project with director Doug Liman (“Edge of Tomorrow”). With the support of another ambitious miracle, by the way: SpaceX owner Elon Musk supported the project – and the US space agency NASA too. Maybe it will still work with the cinematic reach for the stars.

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Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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