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Ethereum Mining Rigs: The best ETH mining hardware

Mining cryptocurrencies is one of the most lucrative ways to make money in the industry (aside from buying and owning the asset, of course). While many projects are moving away from mining to proof-of-stake, it’s not too late to get involved – especially if you have one Ethereum mining rig want to operate. In this article, we’ll look at the best Ethereum mining graphics cards for the ETH mining at.

In this Ethereum Mining Rigs article you can expect:

The best Ethereum miners

1. AMD RX 580

Ethereum Mining Rig: MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8G Radeon RX 580: Amazon
  • Power draw: 84 W.
  • Hash rate power: 32.74 MH / s
  • price: $ 300

As one of the most energy efficient graphics cards out there, the AMD RX 580 is a great choice for building one Ethereum mining rigs. This is one of the most affordable Ethereum mining GPUs. Both in terms of cost and performance. An AMD RX 580 typically costs around $ 300, depending on whether you’re buying it new or used. In addition, this consumes Ethereum mining GPU less power than most of their competitors, such as comparable NVIDIA cards.

That means that you are with this Ethereum mining GPU Don’t get the highest hash rate in the world if you get it in a cheap one Ethereum mining rig using. However, the rate is still reasonable and comes with a low entry price.

2. GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

  • Power draw: 120W
  • Hash rate power: 60 MH / s
  • price: $ 400 – if you can find one

The Ti version of the GeForce RTX 3060 is just as powerful as the base 3070, which makes it a reasonable purchase for one Ethereum mining rig do if you can afford it. This GPU consumes almost 120W, but reaches 60 MH / s, which is considerable for the price. Of course, you’ll have to tweak the graphics card a bit to keep the temperatures low. But after that you are unstoppable!

3. NVIDIA Titan V

NVIDIA TITAN V: Official Website
  • Power draw: 250W
  • Hash rate power: 70 MH / s
  • price: $ 3000 / $ 2000

As you may know, the NVIDIA Titan V is, well, a Titan among graphics cards. It’s one of the top graphics cards from NVIDIA, which makes them ideal for that Ethereum mining does – if you can afford it. The Titan V consumes approx. 250 W of electricity, but achieves a whopping 70 MH / s. If you’re looking to make a decent income from mining Ethereum, this card could be worth the high price tag.

4. NVIDIA GTX 1060

  • Power draw: 60W
  • Hash rate power: 18 MH / s
  • price: $ 300

The NVIDIA GTX 1060 is pretty cheap compared to most of the other graphics cards on this list, making it one of the more affordable options for yours Ethereum mining rig power. However, you should buy the 6 GB version of this card – not the 3 GB version. Otherwise, you just don’t have enough power to ETH mining to operate.

Note that the 1060 consumes around 60 watts when mining, sometimes a little more. The hash rate is around 18 MH / s, which isn’t necessarily great. But you can tweak the card’s settings to squeeze out a little more performance. And hand on heart: For the price you get the right service.

5. AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

  • Power draw: 225 W
  • Hash rate power: 55 MH / s
  • price: $ 1300

If you’re ready to spend a little over a thousand on a reasonably powerful card, the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT is for you. This is a good option for beginners who are just into this Ethereum mining get in but have some money to burn. It achieves an average hash rate of 55 MH / s and consumes 225 W.

6. Radeon RX 570

  • Power draw: 70W
  • Hash rate power: 30 MH / s
  • price: $ 230

If you’re into the ETH mining want to get in, the Radeon RX 570 is a good choice, which is about $ 70 cheaper than its 580 siblings. With a bit of background knowledge, you can almost get the performance of the 580 out of here. Thanks to overclocking and other techniques, it is possible to operate the 570 with around 70 W and a hashrate of 30 MH / s.

7. Radeon R9 HD 7990

AMD Radeon 7990 6GB DDR5: Amazon
  • Power draw: 375W
  • Hash rate power: 36 MH / s
  • price: $ 150 used

And we end up with a powerful mid-range AMD card. The R9 HD 7990 achieves a hash rate of around 36 MH / s with a power consumption of 375 W. That may seem like a lot of power, and it is, but when you consider that you are using such a high hash rate a cheap card, it might be worth it.

This is how long it takes to mine 1 ETH …

How long it takes to mine 1 ETH depends entirely on your hash rate and the current difficulty of the Ethereum network. It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take. But according to estimates it can at a hash rate of 100 MH / s about half a year take until you have minted your first ETH coin.

Which is the best Ethereum mining rig?

The best Ethereum mining rig? It all depends on your budget and needs. If you can find an inexpensive card with a decent hashrate that doesn’t use too much power, this is the best way to go. Of course, this is a decision that depends on your specific requirements.

Can my graphics card mine Ethereum?

Your graphics card can most likely mine Ethereum, but it’s hard to say how efficient it is. Of course, you can search your GPU on the internet and see what other miners are mining on average; or you can just download mining software and see what happens.

How much does an Ethereum mining rig cost?

A Ethereum mining rig can be built on a budget. But you can also spend thousands of dollars on it. It all depends on how much you want to spend and how much you want to spend Ethereum mining is worth.

Ethereum Mining Rig: A picture from

Will Ethereum mining still pay off in 2021?

That Ethereum mining is no longer as profitable as it was a few years ago. Too many people now know about this, and the level of difficulty of the ETH Minings has increased over time.

Not to mention that Ethereum mining will soon go the way of the dinosaurs … From mid-2022, Ethereum will switch to a so-called proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. With this change, that will be ETH mining completely abolished and the users staking Ethereum will have a huge advantage.

Keep this imminent turnaround in mind! But if you already have some of these Ethereum mining rig Owns parts or has the disposable income for a powerful GPU, it is possible before to make a profit by switching to proof-of-stake. If not, it can Ethereum mining may no longer be profitable.

How do I build a cheap Ethereum mining rig?

The cheapest way to get one Ethereum mining rig building consists of buying one of the cheapest – but most powerful – graphics cards. From there you can buy an inexpensive PC with mid-range components. Fortunately, there are several hardware options in a wide price range, so you can always find the right part for your budget.

And a fun fact: There are many other cryptocurrencies that can be mined!

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