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End of career and engagement? : Emma Watson opens up on Rumors – Entertainment

Emma Watson hasn’t checked in on social media in about a year. Photo: LJ Photos / AdMedia / ImageCollect

Since Emma Watson is no longer active on social media, there have been many rumors about the actress. She has now spoken on Twitter.

Emma Watson (31, “Harry Potter”) has returned after almost a year of silence on social media and made a statement on the rumors that have been circulating since the beginning of her social media break. According to speculation, she should want to end her career and – most recently – also be engaged. According to US media reports, the actress has been in a relationship with her partner, the US businessman Leo Robinton, since autumn 2019. Apparently, Watson now took the rumors of their engagement, which were spread among other things by the “Daily Mail”, as an opportunity to give their fans an update.

“Rumors of whether I’m engaged or not, or if my career is ‘dormant’ or not, are ways to generate clicks if it turns out to be true or not,” wrote the 31-year-old on twitter. “Should I have any news, I promise to share it with you.” No news from her simply means “that I will quietly spend the pandemic like most people”. Watson failed to make sourdough bread, cared for loved ones and did her best “not to spread a virus that still affects so many people.”

Instagram account is also dormant

The actress sends her fans “so much love and hope you are all right and as happy as you can be in these strange times”. She also thanked everyone who worked so hard to keep us safe and healthy. Watson last spoke on Instagram in June 2020. Her last film to date was the historical drama “Little Women” (2019). Jason Weinberg, Watson’s manager at Untitled Entertainment, said in a February statement he gave “Entertainment Weekly”: “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant, but her career is not.”

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