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Celebrities: Britney Spears apologizes – Panorama

Singer Britney Spears
(Photo: Kay Blake / dpa)

Britney Spears, 39, US singer, apologized to her fans. “I apologize for pretending to have been okay for the past two years,” she wrote after a court hearing on Instagram. She did it out of pride and also out of shame. Instagram also made her feel like she meant something, despite everything she’s been through. At the hearing, Spears had called for the end of the 2008 guardianship over her life and finances, and accused her father of exploitation. “I’m traumatized. I’m not happy, I can’t sleep. I’m so angry,” said the singer in a virtual switch.

Sigmar Gabriel feels far removed from politics one year after retiring
(Photo: Britta Pedersen / dpa)

Sigmar Gabriel, 61, former SPD leader, has a childlike idea of ​​God. He sometimes still sees him as “that friendly old man with white hair that we so often saw in our minds in confirmation class,” Gabriel told the weekly newspapers New picture post and Catholic Sunday newspaper. He characterized himself as “devout people” and “unhappy social democrats”. He is “still too fat, but otherwise satisfied to be able to spend a lot of time at home after many years of restlessness”.

Album release - 'Earth, Wind & Celebrations" by Jan Delay
(Photo: Christian Charisius / dpa)

Jan Delay, 45, hip hopper, is not a football association fan. “With every day and every shitty action that Uefa brings,” he is moving a little further away from the subject of football, the Hamburg musician told the German press agency. That is why he is currently watching significantly fewer football matches than usual at European championships, only in the Germany games he is cheering. He believes and hopes that more and more people are “fed up and simply stop watching the games without being more philanthropic”. The European Football Association had refused to let the Munich stadium shine in rainbow colors in the German group game against Hungary.

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