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Billie Eilish: That’s what your ex says about the breakup

Billie Eilish: That’s what she says about the ex-relationship

In Billie Eilish’s documentary “The World’s a Little Blurry”, the singer allows unusual insights into her private life. One of the points: The relationship with her ex-boyfriend Brandon Quintin, whom she simply calls “Q”. Regarding the separation, she says: I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want the same things that he wanted. You don’t have enough love in you to love yourself, so you can’t love me. Crass words! A little later she confesses that she still does is still in love with him. She seems to have gotten over that now, because recently was Billie spotted with a new boy.

These stars were once a couple!

Billie Eilish: This is what ex Brandon Quintin says

After this Billie Eilish so open about the relationship too Ex Brandon Quintin has talked Q now also speaks up. In his Instagram story he makes it clear that Billie’s documentary doesn’t show everything. There are two sides to a situation“, he writes. “Some don’t realize that I had to deal with my brother’s death. Especially when it was fresh. Sometimes people have different opinions and don’t want the same thing as the other person. […] I keep a smile on my face even when it hurts. We go with the pain. But I don’t want to be talked badly. He’s probably alluding to Billie Eilish’s fans who insulted him after the documentary. Sometimes it is important – as we can see here – to hear both sides! As well as Both Billie and Q had good reasons to end their relationship.

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