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Ariana Grande is headlining “Fortnite” concerts

As far as the celebrity status of its musical guests is concerned, Epic Games does not seem to be too big when it comes to “Fortnite”. Now the manufacturer of the popular Battle Royale shooter has announced who will appear as the leading actress in the upcoming “Rift Tour” – a series of concerts within the game: Nobody less than US singer Ariana Grande will be on the digital stage for next weekend the users perform. From Saturday, August 7th to Monday, August 9th, the Grammy-winning and multi-platinum artist will headline the microphone five times.

“Working with Epic and the ‘Fortnite’ team to bring my music to life in the game was so much fun and a great honor,” Ariana Grande is quoted as saying. “I can’t wait to get together with my fans and see all your reactions to this unforgettable, magical journey into new realities,” explains the 28-year-old. According to Epic Games, there would not be a different “Rift Tour” with every broadcast, but the effects experienced could change if the outfits or paintwork were changed.

Fans need to download game update

If you don’t want to miss Ariana Grande’s appearance, you need the game update V17.30 before the start of the “Rift Tour”. In order for everything to work smoothly, Epic Games issued the recommendation to be in “Fortnite” an hour before the start of the show. The “Rift mode” should be available around 30 minutes before the start of the respective show. So that the fans don’t start the concert with Ariana Grand completely unheated, a small preliminary program is also planned: In shows with “Fortnite” motifs, popular music tracks are to accentuate moments that are based on elements from the game.

Anyone who wants to experience the US singer’s digital concert has a total of five opportunities – multiple participations are possible. You don’t necessarily have to be a night owl to watch the performances. On Saturday, August 7th, Ariana Grande takes the stage in “Fortnite” at 8 pm, one day later in the afternoon at 4 pm.

These are the exact dates of the “Rift Tour”:

  • Show 1: Saturday, August 7th, midnight
  • Show 2: Saturday, August 7th, 8:00 p.m.
  • Show 3: Sunday, August 8th, 6:00 a.m.
  • Show 4: Sunday, August 8th, 4:00 p.m.
  • Show 5: Monday, August 9th, midnight

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