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Anna Kendrick: Chamomile tea instead of alcohol

Anna Kendrick
Chamomile tea instead of alcohol

Anna Kendrick

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According to Hollywood star Anna Kendrick, you and her colleagues are slowly beginning to notice their age

Anna Kendrick, 29, and her co-stars from “Pitch Perfect” now prefer to drink tea instead of moving around the houses as they used to.

The actress (“Up in the Air”) shot together with her colleagues from the first part of “Pitch Perfect 2” over the past few weeks. In an interview Anna reported that this time you could clearly see that all the actors had aged: “You can tell that we have all gotten older because we no longer go out and drink in the evening,” she laughed at “Access Hollywood”.

She stood in front of the camera with Rebel Wilson (28, “Bridal Alert”), Skylar Astin (27, “Ralph is enough”) and Brittany Snow (28, “Prom Night”) and found the differences to be serious: “The first one Sometimes our motto was: “Party time in the USA!” And this time it’s more like: “I’m exhausted, I need a chamomile tea!” Giggled Anna.

In the second part of the successful film, the talented women come together again in their a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, to take part in an international competition. No American team could ever win the competition and that motivates the ladies all the more.

By the way, Anna claimed that she had a natural talent for singing. Her colleague Elizabeth Banks (40, “The Hunger Games”), who accompanied her during the interview, joked that the actresses first had to take lessons for the film. Her younger colleague protested that she had already perfected the skill.

Starting May 14, 2015, fans can see Anna Kendrick’s singing talent for themselves in “Pitch Perfect 2”.


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