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Alexandra Daddario: The versatile ‘Percy Jackson’ star

She had recurring roles in some series, such as ‘Parenthood’ from 2011 to 2012. In the family drama, she played the role of Rachel over five episodes. In the investigative series ‘White Collar’ between 2011 and 2012 she played the role of Kate Moreau, the great love of the character Neal Caffrey, who ended the relationship shortly before his release from prison and simply disappears.

According to her own statements, Alexandra Daddario has a weakness for fantasy. You can tell this more in her feature films than in the series in which she participated. Of course, her role as Annabeth Chase in the film series ‘Percy Jackson’ is of central importance. This fantasy adventure series is based on the children’s books by Rick Riordan. Daddario’s role Annabeth is the daughter of the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare Athena. Accordingly, the role is laid out as a strong, combative and above all intelligent girl who is also known as ‘Wise Girl’ and ‘Smart Girl’.

Daddario himself claims to be very easily emotionally impressed by horror films. She herself shot the horror thriller ‘The Attic’ in 2010, where she played a girl who meets a girl in the attic who looks like herself – and follows her. She was also seen as Heather Miller in ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D’, released in 2013. With ‘Burying the Ex’ from 2014, Daddario picks up on her roles in the horror genre. But romantic comedies seem to be more and more the focus of her work.

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