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Al Pacino saves the punchline

He can do it differently: Adam Sandler’s last film called “The Black Diamond” is a critically acclaimed thriller about the business with precious stones. The 53-year-old is more likely to be associated with playful comedies, with films that can be compared to fast food: You already know how the served food will taste, and outliers upwards and downwards are rare exceptions.

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Jack and Jill

Comedy • 06/09/2020• 8:15 pm

The comedy “Jack and Jill” (2011), which kabel eins is now repeating, did not manage to be doubly funny despite a double sandler – on the contrary: the poor comedy succeeded in winning the “Golden Raspberry” award in all ten categories to “win”.

Jack Sadelstein is an advertising film director and is therefore stressed. The competition is tough, the testimonials are expensive, and the big customers stay away. But Sadelstein – like Sandler of Jewish descent – is not entirely unsuccessful: every evening a pretty woman (Katie Holmes) and two smart children are waiting for him in his villa. A model family – until Jack’s single twin sister Jill signs up for a visit.


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Needless to say, Jill is a pain in the ass, as she is in the joke book: She lisps, is loud and exhausting, not exactly a fashion icon, insensitive and of course thick and stained with sweat – and since the death of Mother Sadelstein she is alone except for her parrot named Pupsi . Jack’s family still loves the aunt, and after days of open aversion, Jack suddenly finds a unique opportunity to pretend his re-found love for siblings.

At least the cameos make people laugh

Because Al Pacino (as himself), whom Jack absolutely wants as an advertising character for a large coffee chain customer, falls madly in love with Jill and her sex appeal. So, without further ado, Jack takes her on the family cruise, plays the matchmaker and finds out that Jill thinks Pacino is the sleazy pig that he is. Jack recognizes the apparent solution to his problem when he, exactly, looks in the mirror.

“Jack and Jill”, whose sketchy plot is only accessories, is good for a few laughs. But they are first of all the cameos of Johnny Depp in a Justin Bieber T-shirt, Shaquille O’Neal as the advertising face for ham and Al Pacino as a frustrated actor who satirizes his own biggest roles and doesn’t know what to do with his money owe. “Jack and Jill” is apparently supposed to be a shallow comedy about sibling love, family, respect, role stereotypes, decency and morality – this is also suggested by the single players of real twins. And one of them is definitely one of these clothes: a very shallow pleasure.

Jack and Jill – Tuesday, June 9th – kabel eins: 8.15 p.m.

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