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A good team in front of and behind the camera

By breathing alone, humans generate a volume of ten decibels, with whispering noises even 40. In the threatening world of A QUIET PLACE one would already be in mortal danger! With his top-class horror thriller, director and leading actor John Krasinski has created a scenario in which even the smallest noise can mean the end. And he plays in it for the first time at the side of his wife Emily Blunt.

Krasinski: From intern to film star

John Krasinski was born in Boston in 1979, the youngest of three brothers. In 2001 he successfully completed his studies in theater arts and stayed in New York with small roles in commercials and other part-time jobs. In 2000, as an intern in the team of authors for “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, he gained formative experience for his future work. Perhaps he would have become an English teacher afterwards – before his studies he taught English as a foreign language in Costa Rica – but his first film roles followed and finally he finally made his big breakthrough as Jim Halpert in the television series “Das Büro”. Since then he has played alongside Hollywood stars such as Robin Williams in “License to Marry” (2007), George Clooney in his sports comedy “A tempting game” (2008) or Matt Damon in “Promised Land” (2012). In 2009 he made his grandiose directorial debut with the film adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s short stories “Brief Interviews with Nasty Men”.

Blunt and Krasinski celebrate their screen debut together

After directing his second feature film “The Hollars – Eine Wahnsinnsfamilie” (2016), he is now approaching his third work with A QUIET PLACE. In it, as a father at the side of Golden Globe® winner Emily Blunt, he protects his family from a threatening world in which the slightest noise becomes mortal danger. Hardly anyone fits better than John Krasinski and Emily Blunt into the role of the parents, who do everything to protect their children from disastrous dangers. Because the two have been married to each other since 2010 and are the proud parents of two daughters. It is the first time that John Krasinski has stood in front of the camera with Emily Blunt and also directed it. He himself speaks of the best collaboration of his career, which has strengthened their relationship. In the interview he raves about her performance: “It’s so honest, so real and so powerful. There was this weird moment while I was filming that I completely forgot that I was her husband. I just watched their performance and was lucky to be in the front row. “

“I’m not Captain America”

A QUIET PLACE was produced by Michael Bay’s successful company Platinum Dunes. Krasinski knows the respected action director from his collaboration on “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” (2016). For his role as a former US Navy SEAL, the actor trained himself a lot of muscle mass, which he said he didn’t want to lose afterwards. After all, he was part of the possible cast of the Marvel hero Captain America shortly before. When he was just halfway into the legendary costume on a trial basis, Chris “Thor” Hemsworth walked by. He interpreted the impressive sight of the muscular god of thunder as a sign from above and left the casting early. “Ok, that’s ridiculous, I’m not Captain America,” Krasinski said later as a guest at Conan O’Brien. His wife Emily, on the other hand, was probably less enthusiastic about the result of his sporting ambitions. “She’d rather have her doughy guy back,” Krasinski confessed in an interview with E! News.

A good team in front of and behind the camera

The two of them already proved their sense of humor when they came up with an idea for Krasinski’s appearance at Jimmy Fallon together with Stephen Merchant. The result was the Lip Sync Battle, in which celebrities compete against each other in playback singing. Fallon took the battle as an integral part of his late night, before it became a show of its own in 2015. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt make singing better when they can be seen together on the big screen for the first time in April. Because silence means survival in A QUIET PLACE – in the cinema from April 12, 2018!

A QUIET PLACE: Horror film with goosebumps guarantee

John Krasinksi in “The Quiet Place”. Photo by: Paramount

A QUIET PLACE is about a family terrorized by supernatural, dark forces on a farm. The world has been taken over by enigmatic, seemingly invulnerable creatures who are attracted by every sound, no matter how small, and go on the hunt. Few managed to escape the threat and survive. The price for this, however, is high: Your entire everyday life is geared towards remaining completely silent, because the smallest noise could mean the end …

“Don’t make any noise!” So far …

Mary Poppins is back

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