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Watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Sky ·

In 2022, the dark DC hero returns to the big screen in “The Batman”. We’ll tell you where you can legally watch all Batman films online and in streaming flat until then.


The dark avenger from Gotham has been fluttering across the big screen for almost 80 years. This makes the mysterious DC superhero one of the most popular cartoon characters worldwide. So it’s not surprising that all Batman films are now considered a cult. For all those who are planning a “Batman” marathon or want to refresh their memories, we have put together a comprehensive overview in which you can find the current films in the stream.

There are a total of 13 Batman films, but we will not consider the oldies at this point. Series and spin-offs in which the bat man only plays a supporting role are also no longer available. You can find a more extensive list with the chronological order in our article on all Batman films.

The Burton Era (1989-1992): “Batman” and “Batman Returns” on the stream

Michael Keaton as the main character in “Batman Returns” © IMAGO / United Archives

Even if Tim Burton’s style and the strong influence of the 1980s are not for everyone, his Batman films have a lot to offer: Aside from the iconic characters – think Jack Nicholson’s version of the villain Joker, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman or Danny DeVito’s penguin – The films convinced with a gloomy setting and spectacular viewing values. In addition, the series scored points with a great Batman actor in the form of Michael Keaton.

  • You can find the first part “Batman” (1989) by subscription on Sky or as a purchase or rental option on Amazon
  • You can also find “Batman’s Return” (1992) in the stream on Sky or to buy or rent from Amazon

The Schumacher era (1995–1997): “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin” in the stream

Val Kilmer as Batman © IMAGO / Everett Collection

Hollywood hasn’t exactly been covered in fame after Burton’s exit. The new generation of Batman films were too colorful, too weird, too silly. While “Batman Forever” (1995) is still reasonably bearable, “Batman & Robin” (1997) fluctuates between parody and farce. Despite great actors like Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, George Clooney or Uma Thurman, the Schumacher films only boast a proper trash factor. The last film flopped so badly at the box office that it almost became the nail in the coffin for the popular franchise.

  • Buy or rent “Batman Forever” (1995) on Sky by subscription or via Amazon
  • You can watch the sequel “Batman & Robin” (1997) on Sky or purchase it from Amazon

The Nolan era (2005–2012): “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” in the stream

The incredible life path of Dwayne Johnson

Eight years later, Christopher Nolan was able to breathe new life into the superhero genre with his films. Batman is finally growing up: the movies are darker and more serious; Batman is tormented, traumatized, and morally torn. The Batman trilogy not only boasts the best Batman actor to date, Christian Bale, but especially the figure of the psychopathic Joker, embodied by Heath Ledger, will probably join the ranks of the best villains of all time.

The Justice League era: “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) and “Justice League” (2017/2021) in the stream

Will Batman and Superman overcome their feud? © IMAGO / Everett Collection

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) sees Superman (Henry Cavill) as a threat. But while the two heroes are seemingly irreconcilable, humanity is approaching a danger that can only be defeated together. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) lays the foundation for the “Justice League” series around other superheroes like Wonder Woman or Aquaman.

Upcoming films: “The Batman” (2022)

With “The Batman” Matt Reeves takes DC hero Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) back to his early days. The film is expected to hit theaters in March 2022 and will tell Batman’s story in a different way, with a particular focus on his sharp mind.

As soon as “The Batman” is available as a stream, we will let you know at this point.

You can prove how well you know your way around the dark bat man in the quiz:

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