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The normal wedding luxury: Jennifer Lawrence shows her wish list

The normal wedding luxury
Jennifer Lawrence shows her wish list

What do you give someone who has everything? On important occasions you get embarrassed. Jennifer Lawrence wants to make it easy for her guests. She writes a wish list – and anyone can see it.

Actually, she likes it private. Jennifer Lawrence is not one to keep giving details about their relationship in public. She doesn’t use social media and her fans don’t find out how she lives from any interior design magazine. But these days you can suddenly learn a thing or two about Lawrence’s lifestyle. She’s getting married. On this occasion, she published a wish list for the guests – publicly available to everyone on Amazon.

“Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can also be overwhelming,” Lawrence is quoted in the press release on the advertising cooperation. She thought it would be interesting to share her wish-list for anyone looking for gift inspiration.

What Lawrence really needs is a whole wall unit full of glasses. There is hardly any other way of explaining why the 29-year-old wants some for wine, for whiskey, for martini and for champagne. Lawrence is also known to be a drinker. No wonder that she also craves a new wine decanting carafe and a cocktail mix set.

From pasta machines to yoga mats

In general, she and her fiancé Cook Maroney seem to revolve around the kitchen, cooking and spending time together. You want a pasta machine, a fondue pot, a marble rolling pin or shiny gold cutlery.

The design of the products on Lawrence’s wish list is always minimalist and does not require a lot of color. A simple black teapot, a yoga mat made of cork and cozy accessories made of cashmere promise a relaxed time for purists.

Lawrence and her fiancé, who works for the renowned Gladstone Gallery in New York, don’t have time to clean. In order to be able to enjoy as much time together as possible, the two of them want a vacuum cleaner robot.

Anyone who has always wanted to live a bit like Jennifer Lawrence can now do it with a click. Nobody can check whether the actress will actually surround herself with the objects presented.

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