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The new role is alter ego

The actress has been on the new series ‘Mare of Easttown’ for a few days, in which she plays the policewoman Mare Sheehan, who has to cope with her son’s suicide. But this role is now like an alter ego for the 45-year-old. In the end, she was hardly able to give up the role, Winslet said in an interview with ‘teleschau’: “I only partially stopped playing Mare Sheehan. I want to keep a part of her because she’s just great. You could almost say that Mare has become my alter ego. It was really very intense to slip into this role. ”Her children are also very enthusiastic about her new series:“ I was not only the leading actress, but also a producer of the series. So I was allowed to see several versions. Mia and Joe, my 17 year old and my 20 year old, were really excited when I played them some of the episodes. I had previously forbidden them to read the script – so they had no idea about the story. But they were still on fire and didn’t want to stop watching the episodes. That was a great feeling. ”



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