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The focus continues to be on story-based single player projects

Naughty Dog: The focus is still on story-based single player projects

In an interview with GameInformer, the co-presidents of Naughty Dog mainly talked about the work processes, planned projects and dealing with criticism. Among other things, the shifting focus on live service games was addressed.

More and more studios are increasingly concentrating on long-term free-2-play titles. The interviewees mentioned Ubisoft as an example, which would like to invest larger sums in projects that can be played free of charge in the future. GameInformer therefore wanted to know whether Naughty Dog will continue to rely on classic single player experiences in the future.

Evan Wells has a clear opinion on this: Because story games are very important to developers, they want to stick to them for as long as possible.

Telling stories is in Naughty Dog’s DNA

“Definitely. Yes, ”said the Vice President. “And it’s in our DNA to tell these stories. I think it will stay that way. Single player experiences are very important to us. This is what drawn a lot of people to Naughty Dog, and this is what inspires them. So I think we’ll hold onto it as long as we can.

Neil Druckmann added to this statement that Sony Interactive Entertainment does not force the in-house studios to change their direction due to current trends. Instead, the developers should work on projects that inspire them themselves and in which they can exercise their strengths.

Earlier we reported that the developers would like to expand the “Uncharted” and “The Last of Us” franchises. New brands also play a role.

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Back in June, PlayStation director Hermen Hulst made it clear that action-oriented video games would continue to be the focus of Sony’s strategy. However, other areas, such as multiplayer titles, should not be ignored. In fact, Naughty Dog is currently working on a standalone multiplayer that will take place in The Last of Us universe.

Although the American development studio is primarily known for excellent single-player games, the multiplayer modes of “The Last of Us” and the “Uncharted” series have enjoyed great popularity. Hulst also pointed out that an exciting story can also be told in a multiplayer title.

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