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The best superhero trilogy of all time in the stream ·

A real spectacle awaits you at Amazon Prime. All three Batman films by Christopher Nolan are available to all Prime members free of charge.

The “The Dark Knight ”trilogy is a milestone in comic adaptations, because unlike the first Marvel films, the Batman works by Christopher Nolan were significantly darker and more brutal. With this very serious style, the trilogy was able to prevail and attract numerous people to the cinema halls. In total, “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” grossed 2.4 billion US dollars, making the films a very successful series for Warner Bros.

Superhero fans can now watch the entire trilogy on Amazon Prime Video from now on free of charge watch. The only requirement is a membership in the streaming service.

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Christian Bale was able to convince the audience as Batman at the time. “The Dark Knight” is likely to be the most popular part for many fans, which is mainly due to the fantastic performance of actor Heath Ledger, who embodied the iconic villain Joker. However, the comic book adaptation was overshadowed with the actor’s sudden death in 2008. Ledger posthumously received an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the role of Joker, which will not be forgotten.

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Will “The Batman” surpass Nolan’s trilogy?

Of course, various factors play a big role when it comes to making an entire trilogy so successful and convincing critics. Be it the great actors or the characters who seemed tangible and authentic, even if everything takes place in a crazy comic world. Probably the most decisive factor, however, was director Christopher Nolan, who was able to fully implement his own vision of a Batman.

The great success of Batman showed Warner Bros. that the superhero is always to be expected. Ben Affleck later followed as Batman in some DC adaptations, but the actor has not yet received his own Batman film.

You can find out which other DC works await us in this one Video:

However, “The Batman” will soon be approaching us: a new film in which Robert Pattinson will play the Dark Knight. Fans are particularly excited about this film adaptation, as a detective version of the character awaits us here. It remains to be seen whether the film will be as well received as the Nolan works, but at least it remains similarly gloomy, which can be seen as a good sign. After the first trailer, the comic book adaptation does not seem to be a copy of Nolan’s films, simply because it looks much more minimalist.

But before “The Batman” starts, fans have to be patient. In the US, the DC film should be on March 4, 2022 start in theaters. In this country the work will appear in a similar period of time. In the meantime, you can watch Christopher Nolan’s entire Batman trilogy on Amazon Prime Video.

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