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Sexy female leopard now extends her claws>entertainment>

Britney’s new hair wows her followers

Oops, she did it again. Whenever you think Britney Spears can’t surprise you anymore on Instagram, there’s a new post proving otherwise. In her latest photos, the 39-year-old now pulls out her claws in a sexy leopard catsuit – and incidentally shows that she also made it to the hairdresser.

“Miss Pussycat likes to bite. Be careful, ladies and gentlemen “

Britney presents herself on Instagram with brand new pink hair lengths and her followers find her new trendy hair color “Wow!”. There are compliments in the comments for the new look. Also for Britney’s sexy catsuit with leopard print, which her fans find pretty hot. “Miss Pussycat likes to bite. Be careful, ladies and gentlemen,” writes Britney and pulls out her imaginary claws on one of the pictures.

What exactly motivated her to give the erotic big kitten on Instagram, she leaves open. As is often the case with her sometimes confusing posts. But the fact that she is already practicing sticking out her claws will certainly be welcomed by all of her fans who stand up for the #FreeBritney campaign. Because after 13 years of guardianship dispute with her father, Britney now apparently wants to finally testify in court herself. And the feigned aggressiveness that she shows in the photos could certainly prove to be helpful.

What Britney’s personal testimony in court could mean, RTL reporter Frank Fastner explains in the video.


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