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Rihanna: Rumors about a new song are getting louder – Cologne


Rihanna lures her fans that a new song is on the way – is that right?

The curiosity and emotions of her fans began to simmer when the Barbadian R&B and pop singer Rihanna hinted in a comment that a new song is in the works. To celebrate Women’s History Month, Rihanna posted a video on Instagram celebrating her popular ANTI album, which has been on the Billboard 200 for five years. The video pays homage to Rihanna’s identity as a black woman and shows clips from the ANTI era that were set to music for Sizzla’s song “Black Woman & Child”. The footage included her appearances on the MTV VMAs 2016 (Video Vanguard and Made In America), as well as artist Roy Nachum, who designed the album cover and recorded Rihanna’s work as a designer and philanthropist.

But where do the rumors about a new Rihanna song come from?

According to teenvogue, the 33-year-old singer and actress Rihanna captioned the Instagram clip with the words: “I am grateful to the Lord for sending me so many hardcore supporters. #Anti #WomensHistoryMonth. Congratulations to all of you who are too contributed to this era, thank you team. ” In the comments, an avid fan urged them to “release a song”. To everyone’s surprise, Rihanna replied, “I think I should,” and later, “Only 1 but haha.” The Navy (Rihanna’s fan base) got excited about the anticipation of a single, after all, it’s been almost five years that the “Diamonds” singer released an album. We are curious to see whether she really meant this comment and we are looking forward to the next hit.

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