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Review of the crime comedy starring Steve Martin and Selena Gomez

Only Murders in the Building: True Crime - Review of the pilot episode

Photo from the series Only Murders in the Building (c) Hulu

In Hulu’s new crime series Only Murders in the Building, we see Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short as would-be homicide investigators. The unlikely trio and the playful staging are convincing. Our criticism.

Until the early 2000s, Steve Martin was considered one of America’s most popular film comedians. His greatest hits include “Three amigos“,”One ticket for two“,”Two adorably depraved villains“,”Father of the bride” and “Cheaper in dozens“. Recently it was very quiet about the honorary Oscar winner, but now he’s back with a series of all things that he even came up with himself. In the Hulu crime thriller Only Murders in the Building, which can now be seen on Disney + in this country, Martin plays a true crime podcast fan who is investigating a homicide.

He is supported by his old colleague Martin Short – one of the three Amigos – as well as by the young pop star Selena Gomez (“The Wizards from Waverly Place“,”Spring breakers“). Behind the scenes, John Hoffman (Grace and Frankie) helped out as Martin’s co-writer, while Jamie Babbit (Russian Doll) directed the first two episodes on which our review is based. Dan Fogelman (This Is Us) is also there as a producer.

The team behind the series has succeeded in creating an exciting comedy that takes one turn after the next and can always rely on the unusual leading cast team. With episodes only lasting half an hour each, the eight-part opening season of Only Murders in the Building goes by safely …

What’s the matter?

The eponymous setting of the series is the time-honored residential building Arconia in New York. This is where the murders happen, and this is where our three amateur detectives live. First we get to know Charles (Martin), an actor who passed his zenith many years ago when he was on the air as a tough TV cop in Brazzo. Today he leads a lonely existence, whose only goal is to keep the refrigerator tidy and in the evening to listen to his favorite true crime podcast over a glass of wine (moderated by guest star Tina Fey, by the way).

The life of Oliver (Short) looks very similar, although the extrovert theater director doesn’t make a very sad impression like his neighbor. But he, too, ends each day by listening to true crimes. Also to distract himself from his private problems, especially the bad relationship with his son. Even the mysterious Mabel Mora (Gomez), who would be trusted to plan much more exciting evening plans, does the same as the two old men. And when the three of them notice their mutual interest, the adventure of a lifetime begins …

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