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Rare summit happiness: All alone on the Jenner

As hard as the actual lockdown hits us all, it does have a few positive side effects. For example, I recently had the Jenner summit all to myself and was able to enjoy the otherwise heavily frequented summit in peace.

It’s a beautiful day of the week – the mountains are white and the valley is cold and foggy.

A winter morning under Watzmann

Like many others, I am currently on short-time work. But I make the best of it and go on a hike. My goal is the Jenner! Now that the Jennerbahn is not running and no guests are allowed to come to Berchtesgaden, I can experience the mountain in peace. The path leads me up to the edge of the Krautkaser slope, which will only be covered with snow in a few days. The path is a bit icy in places, Grödel are definitely advisable. I follow the shady path towards the Krautkaseralm. By the way, this is where I meet the only other person on my tour today.

Hiking trail on the Krautkaser

Then turn right into the forest, pass the mountain station of the Krautkaser lift and hike over the ravine to Mitterkaser. The Klaus-Maxei, as we locals call the Mitterkaser-Alm mountain restaurant, is still in the shade.

Mitterkaser | Klaus-Maxei

After the Mitterkaser the path climbs slowly and soon I reach sunny climes. A winter dream reveals itself to me at the Kleiner Jenner: A bright blue sky over Watzmann and Co and deep below me the fog over the Königssee.

View over the Königssee to the Watzmann

I reach the mountain station of the Jennerbahn via the snow-covered path. From the station I can hear the noises of some workers who are busy with the overhaul of the railway, otherwise the rule here: silence!

Jenneralm, the gastronomy at the Jennerbahn mountain station

From the mountain station of the Jennerbahn a steep path leads up to the summit. Thanks to its exposure, the trail is completely aperitif. At the Sulzbergkaser below on the Königsbergalm, on the other hand, it looks quite wintry.

View down to the Sulzbergkaser

After a few minutes I reach the viewing platform below the summit. The view is overwhelming: a thick layer of fog completely covers the Königssee, above which rise the Berchtesgaden mountains Watzmann, Steinernes Meer and Hagengebirge.

The king’s view from Jenner on the Königssee

A few more meters up and I’m at the summit.

I don’t meet any people up here this morning, but a few “stoatahs” – alpine choughs – keep me company.

The birds are happy that I am sharing my snack with you.

A really nice experience to have Jenner to yourself. Nevertheless, I would be happy when all the restrictions are lifted again.

Your Sepp

Arjun Sethi
Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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