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Orlando Bloom on Parenting – “Not Enough Sex” with Katy Perry – Folks

And? What’s it like living with a little baby?

In the case of Hollywood star Orlando Bloom (44), it’s totally exciting, but also quite exhausting. The result: there are often dead pants in bed.

Orlando just recently chatted off his head in an interview with the Guardian that he has “not had enough sex” with his fiancée Katy Perry (36). “But we just had a baby.”

Daughter Daisy was born in August last year and is just seven months old. Feeding, having fun, changing diapers, hardly any sleep – that sucks.

But his family is everything for the Hollywood star, who with his ex, model Miranda Kerr (37, also has a 10-year-old son Flynn. When asked about the greatest love of his life, he replies: “My son Flynn, my daughter Daisy Dove, my dog ​​Mighty and my fiancée of course. ”

Why is Orlando’s fiancée Katy Perry listed only after his dog? The pain is probably still deep at the loss of the cute four-legged friend, which ran away last year, disappeared and is probably dead. Katy will forgive him.

But now Orlando prefers to indulge in fatherly joys, says sweetly of his little daughter Daisy.

“She is a very happy baby. I give her kisses and we spend a lot of time together to establish a connection, “said Bloom in an interview with the” Times “. “I sing her songs like ‘Daddy loves his Daisy’.”

Seems to be working, Orlando’s new dad tactic. Because while the first word his son Flynn said was “Mama”, little Daisy is said to have said “Dadda”. “It’s wonderful to be a father again,” enthuses Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry will be happy about that too – no matter how bad the sex scene is.

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