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Nicole Kidman – She’s also happy when the hairdressers open again – folks

The Lion King can easily pack up!

Red hair everywhere you look. Actress Nicole Kidman (53) puzzled with XXL mane on Instagram. And probably your German fans have one main thought at this sight: THAT’S HOW I FEEL ALSO.

Going to the hairdresser’s is something pretty much everyone wants these days. Because of the lockdown, the snipping salons are currently closed, and we will only be able to get haircuts again from March under strict conditions. Until then, we’ll all feel a bit like the Kidman.

Your mega-mat is fun, of course – and an obvious Photoshop trickery. Anyway, Kidman’s followers celebrate for it.

BILD comparison: So that your hair always sits well. Here you will find the best curling irons in comparison!

“Merida, is it you?” Writes an amused fan. What is meant is the Disney princess, who actually looks very similar to Nicole here. “Simply fabulous,” comments another follower.

The original picture, however, is a recording from the US series “The Undoing”, in which Kidman plays a life-shattered therapist who has to go through one trauma after another. One of the secrets of the thriller show’s success is Nicole’s red hair. In the HBO series, however, they are much more subtle.

Nicole Kidman plays the character Grace Sachs in

Nicole Kidman plays the character Grace Sachs in “The Undoing” and impresses with her fiery hairstylePhoto: NIKOTAVERNISE.COM/obs

Either way, Nicole Kidman looks just adorable with her blazing head of hair.



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