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Mark Wahlberg has put on 18 kilos – we’ve never seen the actor like this before

When we think of Mark Wahlberg, we undoubtedly think of one of the sportiest men in Hollywood. The actor has set an example of what a fit guy should look like since the 1990s, when he was still known as rapper Marky Mark. He has since been known for having a strong obsession with training, and not for nothing is he the biggest action star today. And while we expected this to continue to be the case in the future, the actor appears to have dropped the dumbbells for the first time and put on a bit of weight. (Also read: This is Mark Wahlberg’s work-out for the perfect six-pack)

Mark Wahlberg: This is how he looks at 18 kilos more

On his Instagram account, the actor posted a video in which he looks a little heavier and even shows a big belly, and he says that he has already gained over 9 pounds and is aiming for another 9. However, in the video, Wahlberg (who has several tips for getting in shape) appears in a gym, so it appears he hasn’t stopped exercising. (Also read: Eisenhart: Mark Wahlberg’s extreme work-out starts in the middle of the night)

In reality, the weight gain is due to the role he will play in the film “Father Stu”, which is based on Stuart Long, a boxer who became a priest. In the film directed by Rosalind Ross, Mel Gibson will appear as the protagonist’s father, while Mexican actress Teresa Ruiz will play his girlfriend. So Wahlberg doesn’t have a very fit figure, but that’s ideal because the man has a tough workout that suits the main character.

Will Smith has also gained – albeit involuntarily

Wahlberg is not the only Hollywood star to have gained a few pounds more on her ribs in the past few months: Will Smith posted a picture on Instagram a few days ago that shows that he too has put on weight – just like Mark Wahlberg, Smith was always known for his athletic figure and action hero image. In Smith’s case, however, the weight gain is not due to a film or television production, but the ongoing corona quarantine has meant that he has put on a few pounds. In his post, Smith writes: “I am in the worst shape of my life”.

In the comments below the post, his fans did not criticize the actor for this, but rather congratulated him, pointing out that this is a reality many of us are living in right now. The pandemic has kept us out of the gym and many fail to exercise at home on a regular basis (and the tightness is sometimes discouraging), leading to weight gain. On the other hand, some pointed out that this is normal for “Dad Bods” and that it doesn’t matter if he’s out of shape. (Also interesting: Burning fat: Lose excess pounds quickly with these 5 tips)

Back to the ideal figure: Will Smith is shooting a weight loss documentary

The actor continues: “This is the body that has carried me through the whole pandemic and many days of research in the closet. I love my body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins to get me back in my best shape of my life. ”

Smith turns this transformation into business: In collaboration with YouTube, he will make a documentary that shows his journey to becoming a dream figure, which sounds like an interesting challenge. This will allow us to see the fitness routines that the actor will follow to shed those extra pounds. A start date for production has not yet been announced. Other celebrities like Diplo and John Boyega jokingly pointed out that Smith would surely get back in shape within three days.

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