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Joko, Klaas and Gosling-Gate – “We were sure it wouldn’t work”

Moments in TV history
“We were sure that it would never work” – that’s how Joko and Klaas fool ZDF

Joko and Klaas with the wrong Ryan Gosling

Joko and Klaas with the fake Ryan Gosling and the captured Golden Camera.

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A fake Ryan Gosling grabbed the Golden Camera in 2017. Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf are behind the prank. Both were sure it wouldn’t work.

“You have to grab the camera immediately,” says Joko Winterscheidt. “Oh, I didn’t think so until then,” replies Ludwig Lehner. “No, right away, that’s the most important thing. Fortunately, we practice it.” With this conversation, Winterscheidt and his colleague Klaas Heufer-Umlauf thread one of the most spectacular pranks in German television history. The two succeed in a terrific coup.

On March 4, 2017, the “Golden Camera” will be awarded for the 52nd time in Hamburg. The show will be broadcast live on ZDF. In addition to German celebrities such as Uschi Glas, Carolin Kebekus and Wotan Wilke Möhring, international celebrities have also been announced. Hollywood star Ryan Gosling is about to accept the award for the film “La La Land”. At least that is what viewers and organizers believe. But it turns out very differently.

When presenter Steven Gätjen noticed the embarrassment, it was too late

“Interesting”, stammered moderator Steven Gätjen when he saw the alleged Ryan Gosling, beaming with joy and holding the golden camera in his hands. Since it’s too late. “I’m Ryan Gosling. And I dedicate this award to Joko and Klaas. Thank you very much,” says the wrong Gosling. And then in German: “In Hamburg they say goodbye.” After less than 30 seconds, he disappeared from the stage again – with the prize.

Joko and Klaas fooled the audience and the organizers with this performance. They sent a Gosling double, the chef Ludwig Lehner, onto the stage. Although it only looks vaguely similar to the original, nobody suspects it. “Actually, we were sure that it would never work. Not at the most glamorous awards ceremony in the country. Not on ZDF. Not live. Actually. We were sure that someone would notice it at some point,” says Heufer-Umlauf afterwards. But it worked.

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The main reason for the success is the meticulous preparation. Joko and Klaas set up their own PR agency and pretend to specialize in the placement of celebrities. The Golden Camera team falls for it. A disgrace for the organizers. But a fun moment for the audience. Gosling Gate makes headlines.

Joko and Klaas send back the Golden Camera

After the Funke Medien Gruppe asks the prize back to be sent to the real Gosling, Joko and Klaas return the captured golden camera. Afterwards, however, they can look forward to a real award. They are honored with the Grimme Prize for the action in their program “Circus HalliGalli”.




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