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Johnny Depp: Wow! New photos of son Jack exposed!

In contrast to his famous parents, Jack Depp (19) largely shies away from the public. The 19-year-old offspring of the Hollywood actor, originally John Christopher Depp III. means, does not have its own Instagram account. Only one fan page now and then shows current snapshots of the hottie, who reminds us of Johnny Depp (57) at a young age. Surrounded by a blooming nature, Jack Depp shows himself with a funny hairstyle and quite happy. He casually tied part of his long hair upwards with a thick hair tie.

You can see the “mini” -depp in our video:

Sister Lily-Rose shared sweet throwback with her fans

His sister Lily-Rose (21) comes sooner after Papa Johnny Depp and Mama Vanessa Paradis (48). The model already has over 4 million fans on her Instagram page. About a year ago, on Jack’s 18th birthday, she even posted pictures of her brother. In addition to sweet snapshots of the two siblings, there was also a current picture of the beautiful boy to marvel at. Back then, Jack still had short wavy hair and styled himself with cool sunglasses. You could also see his hot, well-trained summer body flashing through.

Jack Depp’s girlfriend is a model

Disappointment for all single ladies! Because Jack Depp is already taken. Girlfriend Camille Jansen is a model and they couldn’t look happier. She also shared a snapshot with her lover last year and wrote: “Happy birthday my love” (in German: “Happy birthday, my darling”).

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