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Jennifer Aniston: Your Fitness Coach Reveals 5 Tricks For Defined Arms

Jennifer Aniston
Your trainer reveals her 5 tricks for defining arms

Jennifer Aniston

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Arms like Jennifer Aniston? That’s fine! Her long-time fitness trainer revealed what the actress does for a slim, defined upper body.

With Jennifer Aniston, 51, it always seems as if time has stood still a bit – she doesn’t age, she still has the same carefree charm with which she became world-famous in the series “Friends”. … And only this body! Her fitness trainer Leyon Azubuike revealed the tricks Jen used to train her enviable arms – and he himself says: “She trains hard. It’s hard to keep up with her.”

Jennifer Aniston: This is how she trains her upper body

Leyon reveals that Jens workout routine is always based on 5 principles – these are exactly the key to long-term success.

1. She warms up properly

“You can’t do a cold start into an explosive workout,” reveals her trainer. That is why it is important to mobilize all muscles. Jennifer prefers to do this with yoga exercises like the downward facing dog or cat-cow. In addition, she also likes to jump rope or do jumping jacks.

2. It combines pulling and pushing movements in every workout

The actress has been training boxing with Azubuike for a long time. “It’s the workout I’ve stuck to the longest besides yoga,” she revealed. “The mental aspect of boxing is great.” Since boxing is a very front thrust dominated sport, her trainer makes sure Jen does pull exercises as well. In her case, that means rowing. “Rowing and boxing complement each other perfectly,” explains the coach.

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3. It focuses on one movement at a time

Jennifer’s workouts are well divided – she doesn’t train a muscle group twice in a row, for example never two biceps exercises. “This way she can do all sets correctly right up to the end without getting tired,” explains her trainer. His mantra: It should only burn after repeating 12 to 15.

4. She always trains her stomach with you

The two do not finish a workout for the upper body without mobilizing the stomach at the end. What is Jen’s favorite thing to do for a tight stomach? Planks! She can easily hold out for two minutes. She also likes to vary the exercise: high planks, deep planks, side planks. “All abdominal muscles fire together here,” says Azubuike.

5. She always challenges herself anew

“Jennifer trains so hard that sometimes she just changes movements and says, ‘That was too easy for me!'” Explains her trainer. Having goals is important and also always pushing yourself to the limit. This is the only way to get the best out of yourself – like Jennifer Aniston.

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