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In “Reminiscence” Hugh Jackman goes on a mysterious journey into the past

Nick Bannister’s life changes suddenly when suddenly the mysterious Mae appears in his detective agency.

Warner bros.

The inspiration behind “Reminiscence”

Lisa Joy came up with the idea for the film when she returned to the small town of Slaithwaite in England after the death of her grandfather to help with organizational work. In his files, Joy found an old photo of a very pretty woman with the name of her grandparents’ house on the back – which was also engraved on the gold emblem at the entrance. “As a child, that was always a great fascination for me. What does this name mean and where does it come from? ” recalls Joy.

After finding the picture, the director was amazed at the obviously strong impression this woman must have made on her deceased grandfather, because despite everything he had never mentioned her. “It made me think about memories and our lives in general and the moments that pass and disappear … that meant something, that changed us,” says Joy. “And how nice it would be to be able to go back to those memories, fully, for a moment. To live this life and to feel the way you felt when you experienced it. “

When she was expecting their first child with her husband and joint “Westworld” creator Jonathan Nolan, this thought intensified again. Whenever she had her daughter in her arms at night, she noticed the typical, special smell that only babies have. “I wished I could somehow preserve this moment,” said Joy. “And I knew, even though I was completely overtired, that this was a magical moment. Much more valuable than college graduation or fancy dates. It’s these little moments that mean everything. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to go through it again later? ”

In summer, more precisely on August 19th this year, “Reminiscence” is expected to start in German cinemas.

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