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Hubi Halloween – Trailer for the crazy horror comedy with Adam Sandler – MANN.TV

Hubie Halloween: Trailer for the horror comedy with Adam Sandler – With “Hubie Halloween” streaming giant brings a new horror comedy for the autumn season, for which there is now the first trailer. “Hubie Halloween” by director Steven Brill (“Trouble Without Paddles”) promises real horror slapstick, and Netflix itself describes it as a family comedy. No wonder, after all, comedy specialist Adam Sandler has taken on the lead role here.

Sandler takes on the role of Hubie Dubois. A simple guy who is involved in his home town of Salem, Massachusetts. Especially when it comes to their legendary Halloween activities. For this, however, he earns more malice than praise, because Hubie is simply not taken seriously by his fellow men. Until now: Because this year only Hubie can save the Halloween festival.



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