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Hoskinson: At Cardano Upgrade everything is fine

“Everything is OK, we are on schedule,” said Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson in a recently published vlog post about the Alonzo upgrade.

In the update, Cardano founder Hoskinson said his team had just completed its “go / no-go” meeting across the entire infrastructure of the Alonzo upgrade. Hoskinson described how the 25 participants went through a “huge checklist” and gave the “green light” for everything. With the confirmations, says Hoskinson, the team is now ready to process the mainnet candidate and begin the process with the gradual upgrade. Hoskinson stated:

“We will initiate an HFC (Hard Fork Combinator) event on the testnet. The testnet will then be in the Alonzo phase. ”

Hoskinson added that it was not a special testnet like Purple, but the primary testnet used for the exchanges.

Cardano upgrades- important dates

Hoskinson then gave a number of dates on which Cardano users can expect the successive rollouts. According to Hoskinson, the Alonzo Testnet will be launched on September 1, 2021. However, the Cardano founder admitted that the team still has some work to do to fix some weaknesses.

He said his team would work over the weekend to fix any bugs and make sure everything is working with the latest DB Sync version.

After the successful start of the test network, it will be used until September 9, 2021. Hoskinson stated that he anticipates the rollover will take place on September 12, 2021 if all goes well. The team would have postponed the change by five days (to September 17, 2021) if a “no-go” decision had been made at their meeting.

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ERC-20 converter in the testnet

Last week, Cardano’s parent company IOHK announced that it would launch an ERC-20 converter. With the converter you can bring Ethereum assets into the Cardano Testnet and vice versa. The converter is actually just a bridge between the Ethereum network and Cardano that will allow for easy transfer of Ethereum-based assets. The launch will take place on the Testnet announced for the end of this week.

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