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Free webinar: what’s next for Bitcoin?

  • The webinar with the blockchain and bitcoin expert Jörg Hermsdorf will take place today, August 31, at 7 p.m. Get your FREE TICKET HERE!

One-time opportunity or huge risk – what’s next for Bitcoin? The price development in recent months provided arguments for both skeptics and supporters of the crypto currency. A couple of tweets from Tesla CEO Elon Musk were enough to make the price plummet. Then China also began to take action against the cryptocurrency. It seemed like Bitcoin’s soaring was over and the critics, who always warned of a bubble, were right.

Bitcoin is on the up again

But the Bitcoin did not plunge into the abyss. It started at around $ 31,000, a level that many observers would have seen a few years ago as utopian. The cryptocurrency is still a long way from its record high, but it has already made up a good part of the losses.

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How is it that 85 percent of Bitcoin owners (“HODLers”) shrug their shoulders calmly when they crash and do not sell or continue to “stack”? The multibillionaire and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones calls the Bitcoin HODLers – in a positive sense – “religious fanatics”. But is it really just a “religion”? After all, El Salvador, the first country in the world, decided to introduce Bitcoin as legal tender on September 7, 2021. What belief or knowledge advantage do all these people have who view Bitcoin as a long-term investment?

Be part of the free webinar

In the free webinar tonight from the renowned Bitcoin expert Jörg Hermsdorf, you will learn more about the background of the cryptocurrency, the opportunities and which fundamental risks still exist. In the second part of the live webinar, Hermsdorf will answer questions that the participants have about the complex and opaque Bitcoin system, around which there are so many myths. Get your FREE TICKET HERE!

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