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Floods: Evacuation Warning for Julia Roberts

Did Julia Roberts (53) have to leave her home in New South Wales, Australia? The actress has spent the past few weeks there with her husband Danny Moder (52) and their three children Hazel, Henry and Phinnaeus. However, persistent heavy rains have now led to a flood disaster in the region – and also Julia and their loved ones have been prepared for possible evacuation.

This is now reported by an insider The Daily Telegraph. Julia, Danny and the children were not actually in danger at any time because their house is on a hill. Nevertheless, they are said to have received an evacuation warning. “It was more about making them aware that the roads will be impassable in the coming days”said the source.

If Julia and their family have temporarily left their accommodation anyway is not yet clear. Julia has not yet spoken out about the flood disaster. The insider is certain, however: If they have actually been evacuated, then as a pure precautionary measure.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder in Santa Monica, 2012
Julia Roberts at the Oscars, 2019
Julia Roberts, 2019

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