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Fitness documentary: Will Smith embarrasses himself while training!

Cover picture: Will Smith embarrasses himself during training!

In early May, Will Smith launched a weight-loss movement known on social media as the #BigWillieChallenge. Over the past few weeks, other prominent colleagues such as Dr. Dre or Xzibit decided to join the Hollywood icon’s 12 week program. After Will had promised to document this journey with YouTube, he now keeps what he promises. Accordingly, the actor gave an insight into one of his first workouts via Instagram and thus provided a small foretaste of the documentary.

Will Smith on the way to his dream figure

As has been seen on Will Smith’s Instagram profile for the past few weeks, the Trip to best shape of his life to have now officially started. While the 52-year-old could only be seen alone on the treadmill or with dumbbells in hand until yesterday, he has meanwhile spoken out with a video in which he is training under the care of his coach.

He has already proven that Smith is highly motivated to actually go through with the said challenge. However, with this post, the Hollywood star gives the impression that he is the whole process imagined a little differently would have. Of course, the father of three explains in a short clip what exactly bothers him about his trainer’s approach. Will Smith explains that his coach asked him to do the workout first without any weight on the bar, in order to first learn the movement sequences and thus minimize the risk of injury.

Instagram: Will Smith works out at the gym
At the beginning of May, Will Smith launched a weight loss challenge.

Then Will replied:

“We’re not going to film this! Nobody’s going to see a video of me bench pressing just moving a bar with no weights. No, just no. “

This is what Will Smith’s training looks like

Of course, Will Smith wouldn’t be Will Smith if he took himself too seriously and wasn’t kidding. Because after his contradictions, the former Prince of Bel Air can be seen how he obediently adheres to the instructions of his trainer and Squats without any weight executes. So it seems like the two men are having a lot of fun doing their workouts. An older post also shows the American with fairly light dumbbells in hand. He himself signed it with the following signature: “Crazy that this photo was taken before I picked up the big ones”.

But kidding aside, because basically the Hollywood star is teaching his fans an important lesson. The American shows that everyone should start small before attempting the heavy weights. As we all know, nobody was born a bodybuilder. At this point, one can assume that the format that will be broadcast in the coming year will certainly not be a dry fitness documentary, but will certainly make for a laugh or two.

Instagram: Will Smith training
Will Smith gives first insights into his training on Instagram.
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