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Dwayne Johnson’s Jungle Cruise 2 ends after 17 years of unbelievable Disney bankruptcy

Jungle Cruise is the first really good blockbuster in Dwayne Johnson’s career, and soon The Rock and Emily Blunt will have a chance to top jungle adventure. Because Disney has commissioned the sequel Jungle Cruise 2. The mouse company ends one 17 years of bankruptcy. You can find out what it’s all about here.

Jungle Cruise 2 is coming: This is known from the Disney sequel

Dwayne Johnson had teased conversations about a sequel on his Instagram channel since it started. Now it’s official: Jungle Cruise 2 is coming, again Hollywood Reporter reports, and that with this staff:

  • Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt return as Captain Frank Wolff and scientist Lily Houghton.
  • Director Jaume Collet-Serra will also direct the second part.
  • Michael Green, co-writer of the first part, is writing the script again.

There is no cinema release or information about the story yet. For Disney, however, the sequel has a special meaning.

After 17 years, Jungle Cruise ends an incredible Disney bankruptcy

With the order of the sequel, Jungle Cruise becomes namely Disney’s first new Live action cinema franchise since 2004, so since The Legacy of the Knights Templar and The Legacy of the Secret Book with Nicolas Cage (via Forbes ).

Disney’s Jungle Cruise – Featurette Wrap Video (English) HD


There were attempts to start new series of real films, but they ended in flops like John Carter – Between Two Worlds and A World Beyond. In principle, Disney has been looking for the new curse of the Caribbean for almost two decades, but the result was first financial setbacks, then one unparalleled creative drought.

Because the more new blockbusters flopped, the more Disney turned away from these “risky” projects. Instead, the group bought franchises, including Marvel and Star Wars / Lucasfilm, and revived their own animated film classics.

so Disney has found its new Pirates of the Caribbean after all and not entirely by chance. After all, Jungle Cruise is also based on a ride from the amusement parks and the story is by and large a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and the mummy films with Brendan Fraser. So creativity is relative.

Is Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt a success?

That Jungle Cruise 2 would come was not so certain at the start weekend. The film, which was released in parallel in the cinema and via VIP access on Disney +, did not come close financially to major pandemic successes such as Fast and Furious 9 and also lagged behind the comparable Black Widow.

However Interest in Jungle Cruise remained comparatively stablewhich is why the film made it over the all-important $ 100 million mark in the United States. He made more money in his home country than Johnson’s Skyscraper and about as much as Rampage. Added to this is Disney + revenue of at least $ 50 million (via Deadline ).

So Jungle Cruise isn’t a huge global hit like other Dwayne Johnson films, which is little surprising given the pandemic. Since Disney earns the most in its domestic market, the US numbers should still be positive. And a long-term working relationship with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt doesn’t hurt.

The best that could come out of Jungle Cruise, however, is not Jungle Cruise 2, but the motivation to dare to try new material for blockbusters on Disney’s part. Not only the bookkeeping would benefit from this, but also we as spectators.

What would you like to see in Jungle Cruise 2?



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