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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Workout Routine

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for his hardened body. For the role of “Black Adam”, however, he trained even harder than usual and followed an extreme diet. FITBOOK has summarized important details.

The shooting for the film “Black Adam” is coming to an end. Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took this as an opportunity for an emotional post on Instagram. “Back at work. It’s our final week of film production for BLACK ADAM. I can’t thank you enough for all of your support. Thankful. Really. ”Two years of“ hard core ”, intensive training, nutrition and character training were behind him. You can see the extremely muscular back of “The Rock”. FITBOOK researched what the nutrition and workout routine for “Black Adam” looked like, which even Dwayne Johnson pushed to its limits.

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What does a typical day in the life of “The Rock” look like?

His extraordinary physical constitution, which Dwayne Johnson regularly trains for his film roles, is no coincidence. A typical day in the life of “The Rock” included seven meals and two workouts in the gym. This is the only way to achieve such an Adonis body. It is only possible with discipline and ambition!

For the role in “Black Adam”, “The Rock” had to even more Build muscle mass than usual. According to his own statement, he had to be in the best shape of his career. And that means something, because after all, the actor already convinced in his earlier films like “Jumanji” or “Baywatch” with his top physique. Months of preparation were essential for this.

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Dwayne Johnson’s workout for “Black Adam” with fitness coach Dave Rienzi

The goal was to coordinate his diet and training in such a way that the body fat percentage is reduced so significantly that you can only see pure muscle mass. To achieve this, Johnson enlisted support from fitness trainer Dave Rienzi, with whom he has worked several times. Rienzi is a former bodybuilding star and recently revealed in an interview with “Muscle and Fitness” details about training with “The Rock”: The bottom line is that “The Rock” always has to be able to do its best on screen give. His diet and training must be as finely coordinated and complementary as possible so that he can consistently pull it off.

As “The Rock” writes on Instagram, a cardio session with an empty stomach was on the agenda in the morning and strength training again in the evening to promote muscle building.

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Split workouts and supersets

Dwayne Johnson’s workout for “Black Adam” was based on a split plan that he put together with the help of his coach. So he combines back and biceps, chest and triceps, he has only planned a separate day for shoulders and legs. In the training units, “The Rock” also uses super sets without breaks until repetition is no longer possible due to muscle exhaustion.

Many now probably think that he stubbornly screwed up the weights on the machines and on the dumbbells during his training – but wrong! “The Rock” reveals that an important component for building muscle is the concentric execution of the exercises. For example, when doing squats or biceps curls, the weights are lowered slowly and in a controlled manner and then quickly pushed back up again. It does not depend on particularly heavy weight, but the execution is decisive.

He also relies on weightlifting in different variations, many exercise variations with barbells and dumbbells. The training exercise that The Rock has gained in popularity is the squat with a heavy steel chain, it looks aesthetic and is effective!

Dwayne Johnson’s Midnight Leg Workout for “Black Adam”

For the toughest workout of the week, leg training, Dwayne Johnson usually took time on Saturdays and worked a night shift for his “Black Adam” shape. After a 20 to 30 minute warm-up with stretching, there are “giant sets”, which include the following exercises, for example:

  • Hamstrings and extensors
  • Leg press
  • Chain Lunges (lunges with two 23-kilogram chains around your neck)
  • Shark Pit Squats (squats with a special device that pulls the weight down over a belt at the hip)
  • Squats with the barbell

He completes several rounds of this program. And because that wasn’t enough, “The Rock” then worked on the back of his thighs and his calves.

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What is Dwayne Johnson’s diet like?

In order to achieve a new goal in your body, nutrition is more important than actual training. This is nothing new for “The Rock”, who generally eats healthy. Nevertheless, he had to adjust his diet again for his body transformation for the role in “Black Adam”.

Dave Rienzi created a strict plan for him in which the proportions of the macronutrients required were precisely measured. In general, a lot of rice, low-fat meat and vegetables ended up on the plate of “The Rock”. For example, a dinner after a hard leg strength workout looks like this:

  • finely chopped sirloin
  • Brown rice
  • broccoli
  • Pineapple (supposedly good for digestion)
  • about 0.3 liters of water

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“The Rock” also needs a Cheat Day

The strict nutrition plan also enabled a cheat day every now and then – a day on which all dietary rules can be broken and you can treat yourself to your favorite food or an unhealthy snack without a guilty conscience. For “The Rock” this means, for example, cookies or a couple of cheesburgers.

“The Rocks” post-workout shake

In addition, Dwayne Johnson uses the following ingredients in his post-workout shake:

“The Rock” writes about this post how important nutrition is for building muscle immediately after training: “Do not overlook the importance of consuming proteins / carbohydrates / sugar immediately after training. It is the critical time window in which muscles optimally absorb these nutrients after the muscles have been destroyed during training. ”About an hour after this shake, Dwayne Johnson claims to have his last meal of the day – mostly chicken breast, rice, greens. “Boring,” as he admits, but it serves its purpose.

And when can we finally see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on screen as “Black Adam”? We have to wait a little longer – the cinema release is planned for July 29, 2022.

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