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Coinpanion CEO Alexander Valtingojer on stablecoins, crypto winter & Dogecoin

1.8 million euros from quite prominent investors: Coinpanion is also currently showing that the crypto industry is currently quite interesting for venture capitalists. In a podcast interview, co-founder and CEO Alexander Valtingojer talks about:

  • the investment and the plans with the fresh capital
  • how he was able to convince Hansi Hansmann to invest again after all
  • how Coinpanion works
  • how customers’ money is invested in crypto assets
  • No-go tokens such as Dogecoin, Tether and Binance Coin
  • how the USDC stablecoin can generate returns for users
  • what would happen in the event of a crypto winter
  • what goals Coinpanion wants to achieve

You can listen to the podcast:

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