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Cardano boss Hoskinson gives the green light for Alonzo start

In a video update, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is confident that September 12th will be the deadline for the introduction of smart contracts.

On September 12th, the most important update to date is due for the Ethereum competitor Cardano: Smart contracts are to be introduced with the upgrade “Alonzo”. The preparations for the hard fork are already in full swing. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently gave an insight into the status quo of the Alonzo integration in one of his regular video updates.

We are on schedule. Things are looking good. There are a few minor flaws here and there, a few minor quality flaws, but they are insignificant. And we’re going to clean these things up. Some can be cleaned up before starting, others will be done in the following node launches.

Last Friday, August 27th, a postponement from Alonzo to September 17th was up for grabs. But apparently this is not necessary: ​​September 12 is still the starting date for Alonzo, emphasizes the Cardano inventor in his vlog.

We made the go-no-go decision with all stakeholders today. [Es war] a large meeting attended by 25 participants. We went through a huge checklist and it was always given the green light.

He is now looking forward to the launch party and calls on the partners who already have access to Plutus – Cardano’s smart contract platform – to complete their projects by September 12th.

Cardano course (ADA) in wait

The expectations of Alonzo brought the Cardano currency ADA significant price gains in August, which culminated in an all-time high of USD 2.95 on August 23. Profit-taking caused ADA to trend slightly south again. But at USD 2.82, the Cardano asset is still 117 percent higher than it was 30 days ago at the time of going to press. With recent growth, ADA weighs in at around $ 90 billion in market capitalization. This means that Cardano currently ranks third among the largest crypto networks behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Whether this position is justified will only become apparent in the weeks following the Alonzo Fork at the earliest. At this point you can find out how things could go on for the ADA course from the point of view of chart analysis.

Hoskinson announces time off and a trip around the world

In his vlog, Hoskinson announced that he would take a little break after the Alonzo launch. Then he wants to go on a trip around the world, the first stop is Africa. It was not until April 2021 that Cardano – more precisely: the Cardano development company IOHK – decided to cooperate with the Ethiopian government. This involves the introduction of blockchain-based student and teacher ID cards. This is made possible by Cardanos Atala PRISM technology, a platform for managing digital identities. A total of around 5,000,000 pupils and 750,000 teachers at 3,500 schools are to take part in the project, which is part of the state digitization offensive “Digital Ethiopia 2025”.

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Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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