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Billie Eilish: Fashion with a Second Life

Billie Eilish loved second hand fashion as a child.

The Grammy winner – who delighted fans with her transformation on the cover of British ‘Vogue’ magazine at the weekend – has attracted attention again and again over the years with her special looks. Baggy is Billie’s style and the singer has now revealed where she inspired her personal style in her childhood.

The ‘Your Power’ hitmaker revealed that she loved to buy her clothes in a second hand or cheap store because there was no “clothing genre” and no rules about what clothes they buy as a girl and allowed to wear. When asked by actress Barbie Ferreira in a video for British Vogue about what inspired her style by Billie, the musician said, “Ah, Barbie, girl, you are so cute. Oh, my God, I get fashion inspiration everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Tyler was a huge influence on me growing up. I used to only like thrift stores when I was younger. I just did it because I really loved being frugal, and I thought it was nice that there was no real genre of clothing. So somehow you have no limits. Everything is just kind of there, there is no women’s department or something. There is only clothing and it is a bit sorted, but somehow not really either. That’s how I found my style. “

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