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Anne Hathaway: Open words about her conception problems: “The pregnancies of other women tormented me”

Actress Anne Hathaway (36) couldn’t be happier at the moment: With husband Adam Shulman (38), she is expecting her second child. The two are already parents of little Jonathan (3), now another child is on the way.

And that is anything but a matter of course for the 36-year-old.

In the video below, Anne was pregnant the first time. During the recordings, one asked oneself: was she hiding her baby bump here?

Anne Hathaway speaks openly about her conception problems

When she announced the new pregnancy on Instagram, she indicated how difficult it was for her to get pregnant. She wrote about the picture with the baby bump: “To everyone who goes through the infertility and conception hell: You should know that there was no straightforward path to my pregnancies either. I’m sending you an extra helping of love! “

For her openness she received a lot of encouragement from the fans: Many felt addressed and thanked the Hollywood star for his honesty. Now the mother-to-be went one step further and gave the British newspaper “Daily Mail” a detailed interview about her baby happiness – but also all the suffering that happened to her on the way there.

With her caption for the post, she explains in the interview that she wanted to contact all the women who cannot understand why they simply cannot get pregnant. Sharing her suffering also helped her. “I sometimes find Instagram makes life look so easy, but that’s not the whole story. By leaving out the sad part, we make women struggling with it feel isolated and lonely; we make them feel it’s their fault. I wanted to be more empathetic than that. “

After her first pregnancy, Anne was back in incredible shape:

When she tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant, she confessed to seeing other women’s pregnancies tormented her. “Every time I tried to get pregnant and it didn’t work out, someone else managed to conceive. I knew in my head that it wasn’t to torture me, but to be honest, it felt like that. ”

She was ashamed of her jealousy of pregnant women, she admits, because no one ever speaks about it. That she has now done so openly should at least be a small consolation for many of those affected.

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