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Anna Kendrick saved Chris Pine from hearing loss

Anna Kendrick, 29, has come a long way since her supporting role in the Twilight saga. In her current projects she shows her talent for acting as well as her musical side. Her singing voice will be heard in both “Into The Woods” and “Pitch Perfect 2”. And that posed a very special challenge – especially with regard to colleagues who were nearby. So had to be Anna actually come up with a trick to save Chris Pine (34) from almost certain hearing loss on “Into The Woods”.

Guest on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers the actress revealed how she managed it. “The musical director had raised the pitch of my song and Rob Marshall [der Regisseur] explained to me: ‘You know, you still have to get really loud on the last note.’ During the table read I sat really close Chris Pine and I just thought, ‘Oh, he’s going to sue me, I’m going to make him deaf.’ To get the tone, I just have to put that much vocal volume behind it. So as I got closer to that note, I just got up and ran to the other end of the room while I was singing the song. Because an E flat major would really hurt people for a short time. “

This is clearly a case of particularly large engagements – both in terms of fulfilling the job of the actress perfectly, as well as ensuring that others are well. Hopefully knew Chris Pine to appreciate this commitment.

Anna Kendricks You can watch the interview here:

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