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Angelina Jolie breaks Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram record>feeds>

August 22, 2021 – 10:33 clock

Angelina Jolie goes down in history with her Insta account

Angelina Jolie’s (46) Instagram account wasn’t even a day old when it already had 5.4 million followers. Just within the first hour after the profile of the US actress went online, according to the British “The Sun”, an unbelievable 1.7 million users of the social media platform clicked on the corresponding button to follow her. Jolie is sure to set a new record – and a triumph over her eternal rival Jennifer Aniston (52).

1 million followers in less than an hour

Aniston had set an official record with her Instagram debut in 2019, as “Guinness World Records” reported on its Instagram page at the time. It took the actress “just 5 hours and 16 minutes” to break the magic mark of one million followers, which is why she was awarded the “record for the shortest time” to achieve this goal. Angelina Jolie managed to do this in less than an hour. Before Aniston, Prince Harry (36) and Duchess Meghan (40) were the record holders.

Angelina shares personal letter from an Afghan girl

For her first post, Jolie, who only follows three accounts herself, did not choose a selfie on Friday (August 20), as so many other celebrities and users often do, but shared a letter addressed to her from an Afghan girl. She would like to draw attention to current events in Afghanistan. “Right now in Afghanistan people are losing the ability to communicate and express themselves freely on social media. That’s why I came to Instagram to share their stories and the voices of those around the world who are fighting for their human rights.” , can be read next to several photos of the personal letter.

Jolie is said to have hitched her then husband Brad Pitt to Aniston in 2005

The 46-year-old and her colleague Jennifer Aniston have been rivals in the eyes of the public since 2005. The reason: According to speculation, Jolie is said to have had an affair on the set of the action film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” with her co-star and later husband Brad Pitt (57), who was still married to “Friends” star Aniston at the time was. In October of that year, the former dream couple divorced. Pitt and Jolie, who have six children together, are also divorced. Their marriage lasted from 2014 to 2019.

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