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Alabama cop looks like Dwayne Johnson

Even Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is surprised by the similarity: The actor has a doppelganger in the US state of Alabama who looks amazingly similar to him and has become very well known in the past few days. With the words “Oh shit! Wow, “commented” The Rock “on Twitter on Monday, a collage of pictures showing him next to the police officer Eric Fields.

“The guy on the left is way cooler,” Johnson added to the photo originally posted by the Morgan County Police Department, and went on, “Stay safe, brother, and thank you for your service.” One day would both drink tequila together and then Fields would have to tell him all his “rock stories” – “because I know you have them,” Johnson jokes.

“There could be worse people to be compared to”

Field revealed to the portal “” that he is actually repeatedly asked about his resemblance to the Hollywood star: “I was already referred to as an illegitimate child by The Rock and Vin Diesel.” The “running gag” didn’t bother him, emphasized the policeman. “That’s flattering. There could be worse people to be compared to. “

Almost two weeks ago, Johnson’s doppelganger first came to prominence through a Facebook post from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. A man from the area where Fields works as a police officer asked to meet the officer who looks like “The Rock”. Field was touched by the request and met the man.

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