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After pregnancy rumors: Natalie Portman reprimands body shamer – Panorama

Natalie Portman is currently shooting “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Australia. Photo: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com

Natalie Portman fights against rumors and body shaming. The actress is currently in front of the camera in Australia.

Natalie Portman (39, “Black Swan”) was photographed in a wide-cut top last Thursday (February 4th) in Sydney, Australia. “Page Six”, the gossip page of the “New York Post”, promptly speculated about a possible pregnancy. Reason enough for the US actress to deny the rumors and to focus again on the subject of body shaming.

Portman shared a screenshot of the article on her Instagram story and initially commented on it by saying, “Hey, so I’m absolutely not pregnant.” Then she asked whether it would be “still okay” in 2021 for everyone to comment on the figure of a woman and to speculate about it …

Natalie Portman shoots “Thor: Love and Thunder”

The 39-year-old Hollywood actress is currently in Australia filming the latest installment in the Thor series, which is slated to hit theaters in 2022. In “Thor: Love and Thunder” by director Taika Waititi (45, “Jojo Rabbit”) she will again be seen as Jane Foster, the ex-girlfriend of the god of thunder. In addition to main actor Chris Hemsworth (37, “Avengers”), Christian Bale (47), Chris Pratt (41) and Tessa Thompson (37) will also take part.



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