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▷ Marcus Giers Blockbuster Storytelling – made in Hollywood / What companies & strong …

08/31/2021 – 09:35

Marcus Giers GmbH

Berlin (ots)

What do Red Bull, Coca Cola, or Nike do differently from other companies? What is behind the success of Tesla and Co.? The international media entrepreneur knows the effective strategies of these companies, and with his method of blockbuster storytelling – made in Hollywood, which is probably unusual for Germany – has already helped a large number of companies to place their products in the minds and hearts of customers.

Quiet is the wrong attitude

… or seen, says Giers confidently. For the media expert Giers, quiet is probably also a foreign word. He is one of those who always sails close to the wind, as Forbes magazine wrote about him. Especially in pandemic times, he helped companies and freelancers to soar by combining extraordinary stories and strong media presence, when a large number of their competitors fought for survival or disappeared into bankruptcy. For many, clinging to the old German virtue of quiet kicking had become doomed.

The media & storytelling expert Giers says: Good stories not only fascinate us, they also cast a spell over us. So if you want to say something, it would be wise to pack your message into a good story. The effect of storytelling has always been special, but never more important in the last year and a half of the Covid pandemic, in which digital media became extremely important. At the same time, the opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers and artists are increasing exponentially and storytelling has developed into one of the most successful methods in contemporary corporate communication.

Blockbuster storytelling – made in Hollywood vs.

technical construction work description made in Germany

“Emotions are the new facts,” says Giers. With purely factual and rational facts you will look in vain for the customer’s hearing and attention. It is different with emotional stories that appeal to the head and the heart. Facts tell and stories sell … That this statement is already a bitter reality is noticed in particular by German medium-sized companies, because according to a survey by the content provider Territory, only every 15th consumer – and thus only 6 percent of the market participants – uses products in the market from the middle class as innovative, creative or hip. “It is all the more important for SMEs to work on their image through targeted storytelling campaigns and to draw the attention of potential customers to themselves,” says media expert Giers. “Customers want to buy, you just have to know how to reach them!”

About the effect of good stories

Brands like Apple, Redbull & Co are on everyone’s lips when it comes to the best brand stories on the market. But what exactly is behind their recipe for success? What do they do differently than German companies & brands and why do German companies sink into the quicksand of mediocrity? Media expert Marcus Giers is currently experiencing a flood of inquiries that can no longer be dealt with. No wonder, because he is considered one of the outstanding storytelling experts and was recognized for his work – like Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks and other Hollywood greats, by the way – by the World Film Institute and has been working with the most successful Hollywood blockbuster producers and Oscar winners for years. His expertise is the great opportunity for every freelancer and especially for German medium-sized companies, but ..

What’s the point of the best story if nobody knows about it?

The German market has a number of offers when it comes to storytelling. For a small fortune of tens of thousands of euros, you can book (online) seminars to learn the secret of good stories. And many advertise with spectacular terminology – but apart from hot air and well-recited texts from American literature, the providers & agencies don’t offer much. Online campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Co are the German insider tips for a wide-reaching campaign. But the buying interest on the social platforms is demonstrably very low and is more likely to be a coincidence than the result of a strategy. Good stories need the right audience, otherwise the money will be burned straight away.

Guaranteed media presence in target markets

Unlike all other providers, Marcus Giers develops the stories for his customers together with renowned journalists from the leading international media and the leading success makers of the Hollywood dream factory. In addition, Giers guarantees his clients not only the publication of their stories in the leading media in Germany, Europe and the USA, but also guarantees, as he says, the coverage of hundreds of thousands or millions of visual contacts within the relevant target group in his customers’ market. Sales increases in the three or even four-digit percentage range are no wonder, but the logical consequence, if the concept was well thought out and Giers, he says, never leaves anything to chance.

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