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Will Smith: Hollywood star whines about his plauze

Will Smith
Hollywood star whines about his plauze

Will Smith at the premiere of his film "Gemini Man" in Hollywood, 2019.

Will Smith at the premiere of his movie “Gemini Man” in Hollywood 2019.

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Will Smith wants to get rid of his corona pounds and is accompanied by cameras. He thinks his body is “hideous”.

Hollywood star Will Smith (52) declares war on the corona pounds and lets cameras accompany him on his weight-loss journey. The actor is planning his own fitness series on YouTube. Smith has now posted a first short teaser on Instagram in which he can be seen shirtless and with Plauze. “That is so hideous,” said Smith himself about his body.

The 52-year-old also gives insights into his daily training routine. Smith shows up doing weightlifting, leg presses, and cable pulling. “The pursuit of happiness” is the title of his post, referring to his 2006 hit film of the same name. After a few hours, the video garnered over 2.9 million likes and numerous comments.

“In the worst shape of my life”

“I’m in the worst shape of my life,” Smith wrote on Instagram in early May. To do this, he posted a picture in which he held his stomach in front of the camera. His fans don’t seem to mind the few pounds too much: The post has now received over 6.8 million likes.


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