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VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Caught Kissing

Shortly after breaking up with ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez caught up with Ben Affleck and gave him another chance.


But no wedding
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were a couple for three years, stood together on the red carpet and presented their blended family online. The former baseball star even got on his knees in front of the hot Latina and asked the question of all questions … But the wedding never came. Instead, they confirmed their separation in mid-April 2021.

“We wish each other and each other’s children all the best. Out of respect for them, this is the only statement we will publish. Thank you to everyone who gave us loving words and their support, ”said the official press release before adding:“ We have realized that we are better off as friends and look forward to staying that way. We will continue to work together and support each other in our common business and projects. ”

#Bennifer is real
Lopez doesn’t seem sad shortly after the breakup and knocked on the door of an ex: 17 years after the broken engagement to Ben Affleck, the hot Latina seems to want to try again with the Hollywood actor.

In May 2021, they were caught red-handed for the first time by ambushing paparazzi and jetted to Montana together:

Shortly afterwards, more pictures and videos of Jennifer and Ben were taken. But there is still no comment on those snapshots and the renewed romance. However, the photos taken and the videos published speak more than 1,000 words for fans. Especially when the former couple not only looks each other intimately in the eye over a romantic dinner but also kisses:

And also for sister Linda’s 50th birthday party, Jennifer had her new boyfriend at the start and apparently didn’t need to introduce her family anymore – after all, Bennifer had already been engaged and separated again 18 months later…

Nice to see that an old love can be rekindled 17 years later.

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