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This Loffenauer is related to Hollywood actress Meryl Streep

Breakthrough after long research

What do an architect from Loffenau and Oscar winner Meryl Streep have in common? Answer: the great, great, great, great, grandfather. According to his own research, Achim Schweikart is related to the Hollywood actress. Streep also knows her roots in Loffenau.

Famous relatives: Achim Schweikart from Loffenau researched his family tree for many years. It turned out that he and Hollywood actress Meryl Streep have common ancestors.

Photo: Reinhold Bauer

When Achim Schweikart went jogging eleven years ago, he had no idea about his world-famous relatives. During a breather, he starts chatting with a stranger who tells him about Meryl Streep’s Loffenau roots.

“I thought the man and his stories were weird,” recalls Schweikart. Nevertheless, he follows up on the tip on the same evening. He sits at the computer until four in the morning. “It actually seemed to be true.”

He suspects that the Hollywood actress is his relative. The case does not let go of Schweikart. He does research, gathers information from family records, war diaries, literature, internet, village chronicles and church books over the years. His suspicions are confirmed.

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