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There is room for Julia Roberts’ big sister – Südtirol News

Truly a brilliant performance: Katey Sagal marches, no struts, through a party, dressed in sunglasses, skin-tight dress. The cleavage: powerfully deep. In addition, this smug and strict determination around the lipstick red mouth, which the US actress was allowed to show again and again, not least in the biker series “Sons of Anarchy”: Now she acts as Erin for the streaming series “Rebel” by Disney + Brockovich.

Older viewers still know Sagal as Peggy Bundy from “A Terribly Nice Family”. In “Sons of Anarchy” she is Gemma, the secret leader of a disparate and cool, motorcycle-driving villain clique, wife of the president, mother of the crown prince. In “Rebel”, at least that’s what the pilot of this ten-part series, available from Disney + on Friday, suggests, she now goes about it with a similar amount of verve and determination. Here as there, Sagal is the center of a streaming series, the central star around which many small and medium-sized celestial bodies revolve.

And again it’s a lot of fun to watch Sagal do it. The initial party appearance, however, has a serious background: It is the annual shareholders’ meeting of a company that is committed to the health of its patients. But Rebel is convinced that it is also responsible for a number of serious side effects: it involves artificial heart valves.

No, Rebel aka Erin Brockovich is not a lawyer. To do this, the consumer advocate goes to work with a force that inspires: “I bring CEOs to their knees!” At the latest with this saying you have to think of Julia Roberts, who also slipped into the role of “Erin Brockovich” 21 years ago – in the film of the same name by Steven Soderbergh. Brockovich really exists. The American was once involved in uncovering an environmental scandal as a paralegal.

“Rebel” is more compatible with the masses, more streamlined and faster than the Oscar-winning model from 2000. But the 67-year-old Sagal – and that’s the nice thing – plays as if she were an older sister of Roberts, who was just over 30 at the time. Of course, in Soderbergh’s cult work, the time was given to stand smoking on a street corner.

Roberts’ Brockovich also knows that it steams and cracks in private. Rebels three children (of three men) are only out of the woods on paper. And her spouse wants a divorce. He is played by John Corbett. Andy García (“The Untouchables”) also plays as a lawyer and Rebels boss. There is a lot to be done, more and more patients harmed by the said medical company contact Rebel. And she is wildly determined: “Let’s finish these bastards!”.

From: APA / dpa

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