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The TV tips for tonight: Your TV program on Monday, August 30th, 2021


Netzwelt has the best TV tips and streaming highlights for tonight for you. With our recommendations you can enjoy a relaxed evening after work on Monday.

TV tips

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“Around 50” – 8:15 pm on ZDF

Tonight you will see the comedy “Um die 50” on ZDF, which is a continuation of the series “Um die 30”. As in the series, the film is about the clique of Frank (Dominic Raacke), Tina (Natalia Wörner), Carlo (Jürgen Tarrach), Carola (Susanne Schäfer), Sabrina (Catherine Flemming) and Olaf (Bruno Eyron), who now have already arrived in their 50s. On the occasion of Carola’s 50th birthday, the friends all meet again. They tell each other about their ups and downs in recent years and celebrate a lively party.

See ZDF on Zattoo in the stream

“Bauer sucht Frau International” – 8:15 pm on RTL

On RTL there is a new episode of the documentary soap “Bauer sucht Frau International” to be seen today. Presenter Ilka Bause wants to help farmers find love. It’s not that easy, because not every potential dream partner is made for work in agriculture. But that is the purpose of life for the candidates. In this program, the search is not limited to German farms, but also visits those in distant countries.

“Bauer sucht Frau International” in the stream on TVNow

“The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” – 8:15 pm on Sat.1

Sat.1 is showing the documentary soap “The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” today, in which eight family duos embark on a trip to Naxos in Greece. The teams there want to lose weight and also want to be more successful than the other participants. During the on-site challenges, they are not only challenged physically but also mentally and tackle some of the problems that they have been carrying around with them in recent years. Which “power couple” can win?

“The Biggest Loser – Family Power Couples” free in the livestream at Joyn

At ProSieben you can watch the documentary “Jenke. The shopping experiment: Does shopping really make you happy?” experience. In it, reporter Jenke von Wilmsdorff examines the consumer behavior of Germans. He wants to find out why we shop so much and spend money on things we probably don’t need. In addition, he personally tests over several weeks how you can get along with just 100 things and still be happy.

“Jenke. The shopping experiment: Does shopping really make you happy?” free in the stream at Joyn

“Love Island” – 8:15 pm on RTL Zwei

The new season of the dating show “Love Island” starts today on RTL Zwei, in which adventurous singles find their dream partner and want to take 50,000 euros home with them. In each episode, a candidate has to leave the villa and you decide on this at home via the voting app. Who of the sexy candidates can convince you the most?

“Love Island” in the stream on TVNow

“Goodbye Germany” – 8:15 pm at Vox

The emigrant documentary “Goodbye Germany” is running at Vox today. In it you can experience normal people from Germany who dare to leave the country to gain a foothold abroad. The way leads to Mallorca, among other places, where some restaurateurs want to settle down. Others dream of a new start in the USA. But some are mistaken and soon regret their daring step.

“Goodbye Germany” in the stream on TVNow

“The White Lotus” – 8:15 pm on Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic has several episodes of the satirical series “The White Lotus” to offer tonight. This takes place in a dreamlike hotel resort in Hawaii, where vacationers just want to relax. But every day a new challenge awaits the hotel residents and the hotel crew. In this episode, Shane (Jake Lacy) asks the resort manager Armond (Murray Bartlett) personally to plan a romantic evening for him and Rachel (Alexandra Daddario). Will everything go well?

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“The Strange Case of Benjamin Button” on Amazon Prime Video

Today Amazon Prime Video brings you the famous drama “The Strange Case of Benjamin Button”. This is about the factory owner’s son Benjamin (Brad Pitt), who was born in 1918. His body is the size of a baby, but his skin is wrinkled and he looks like an old man. It soon turns out that Benjamin is aging backwards. A turbulent life is waiting for him.

The Amazon Prime Video news

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Then check out our news from Amazon and Netflix for alternatives. You can also discover series, documentaries and films according to your taste in our Sky news and TV releases.

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