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The Shining – Bryan Cranston impersonated Nicholson in the Super Bowl spot for Mountain Dew

A company has to spend a whopping 5.6 million US dollars in 2020 to run a 30-second commercial at the annual Super Bowl. For comparison: In 2000 the amount required for this was “only” 2.2 million US dollars. Despite horrific, rising costs, some of the largest companies will be represented again this year when the NFL whistles for the 54th Super Bowl – including PepsiCo, which is launching a sugar-free version of its own lemonade Mountain Dew right on time for the start of the new year. Where does the horror component come into play at this point? It’s simple: none other than Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad, Godzilla) committed to the official Super Bowl clip imitates one of the most famous moments in the history of genre film. But take a look for yourself and find out if Cranston would be a worthy successor to Jack Nicholson if you ever thought about the classic The Shining to reissue.

The inspiration for this is likely Stephen King’s Doctor Sleeps Awakening (DVD & Blu-ray sales start on April 9th ​​including Director’s Cut), with which Mike Flanagen continues the horror classic and Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick. In this we get to know the scared child from back then as an adult, still traumatized man. Dan Torrance, this time played by Ewan McGregor, tries to drown his worries with alcohol. But then he meets Abra, a brave teenager who is in possession of a powerful, supernatural power: the “Shining”. Following her instincts, Abra realized that Dan also had this gift. He meets Rose the Hat who is targeting Abra Stone and her skills. To both the cinema classic The Shining and to do justice to King’s books, Flanagen re-shot many of the most memorable moments from Stanley Kubrick’s milestone.

The Overlook Hotel, which was already demolished in the novel, is in “excellent health” and also chases Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor (The Impossible, Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting), again through its iconic Art Deco hallways. But this time there is no longer father Jack (Jack Nicholson) lurking there, but new opponents like that of Rebecca Ferguson (Men in Black: International, The Greatest Showman) portrayed Rose the Hat.

Today cult: The famous scene from Shining. © Warner Bros.

Posted on January 29th, 2020 by Carmine Carpenito

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