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The Flash: Ben Affleck’s Batman spotted on the set?

The Flash
Ben Affleck’s Batman spotted on set?

Ben Affleck as Batman in "Justice League"

Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League

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Robert Pattinson actually took over the Batcape from Ben Affleck. Batfleck can be seen again in the film “The Flash”.

In “The Batman”, the bat man’s upcoming solo film in the DC Extended Universe, Ben Affleck (48) has long been replaced by Robert Pattinson (35). Nevertheless, Affleck will put on the Batcape again. In “The Flash” Affleck’s Batman (or Batfleck, as the fans say) will be seen in a brief appearance. Photos from the set have now appeared on Twitter, as reported by “Screencrush” among others, that could show Batfleck. Or at least Affleck’s stunt double.

The makers of “The Flash” (planned release: November 4, 2022) have not yet published official pictures of Affleck’s Batman, but several fan accounts have posted photos of the set on Twitter, which undoubtedly show a Batman with a new costume and on a new Batmobile, a kind of motorcycle. Since director Andy Muschietti (47) has already presented pictures of Michael Keaton’s outfit, who is also reliving his role as Batman in the film, the conclusion that the hero in the picture is Batfleck – or at least his stunt double .

Twice Batman in “The Flash”

“The Flash” takes place in an alternate timeline in which Bruce Wayne did not become Batman, but his father Thomas Wayne. As a dark avenger, he wants to let criminals bleed for the death of his son instead of the other way around, as we are used to from regular DC mythology. However, the “real” Batman, Bruce Wayne, appears in the “Flashpoint” comics, which were the godparents for the solo film about Barry Allen alias The Flash. Therefore there is room for the two former Batman actors Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. The latter played the flutter man in 1989 and 1992 for Tim Burton (62). Affleck took over the part from 2016 in the films of the DC Extended Universe.


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